Personalized dog. 


- Explosive Detection Dogs                                                                           - Personalized Protection Dogs
- Humanitarian Demminig Dogs                                                                     - Civil Intervention Dogs
- Narcotic Detection Dogs                                                                              - Police Utility Dogs
- Contraband or currency detection                                                       -  Sport Dogs


We work hand by hand with our different cusomers to personalize their ideal dog. We work with different institutions such as police agencies, Demmining Organizations, Private individials, security companies and much more in order to provide top quality working dogs for their line of duty. The process of these dogs start at the earliest stage, once they overgo our green dogs training program we handpick each dog for the best  job according the potential we have identified in their prior training.  The price and age of the dog will depend on the field and the level of training requires for each dog. 

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