At Intrepid Mali it is our goal to prepare our dogs to the best of their abilities as suitable for the working purpose that will be required of them in the future. We begin training since the first day our puppies are born, and we go as far as to prepare them for their line of work needed by our client. We work with every dog to develop their full potential in the area they are most suitable for. We are currently working with dogs in the expertise of Sports IPO, Personal protection, Humanitarian Demmining (MDD and EDD), Narcotic and explosive Detection  and Police Dogs. 

We begin with our puppy training program in which we provide the ideal environment and set of experiences for the pupp to develop his instincts to its fullest potential while diminishing all those negative behaviors he can present in the future.  Once the pupp reaches its 4th month  begin with our green dog training program which focuses on potentializing its prey drive,  developing his courage at he moment presented with an agression, developing their nose and smell sense so it can search in open and closed field, and a strong socialization with other peopel and different environments. Finally once they reach their adult stage we introduce them to the expertise area we want the dog to develop, and use the most advanced techniques to ensure the success rate at what ever duty he ends up performing.  


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