Intrepid green Dogs

Once our puppies are 16 weeks old they begin with our green dogs training program. This program consist primary on potentializing their  basic instincts which in turn will allow them to develop their basic skills necesarry on all the fields they might encounter when being exposed to real working exercises. We prepare the dogs to have the following skills. 

  • High Ball Drive

  • Complete Biting grip

  • High Courage drive at the moment they feel aression.

  • Open Field Ball Search

  • Close room ball search.

  • Strong socialization. 


 Once the dogs are ready, they undergo our green dog's test, in which they have to perform to satisfaction the exercises outlined in each of the fields trained. Once the dog passes the exam it is ready for delivery to its new owner who only needs to decide what is the intended use for the dog and train him in the expertise desired. The dog already has the working disposition and is proven to be an excellent working dog, therefore ready to continue the training program. 


These dogs should be ready to deliver to its new owner between the 8th and 18th month old. 

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