A working dog is never your average pet. 

A dog and specially a working dog breed has natural inborn instincts that make us look at them as posible tools to perform many labors in our daily life. However in order for a dog to be really succesfull we, at Intrepid Mali, understand that these instincs and character not only need to be a inborn characteristic, but also worked and developed during the different life stages. For these reasons, Intrepid Mali´s dogs, are first carefully selected for its genetic input, and then go through a carefull program in which we develop their instincsts and characteristics needed to succeed in real life performance. Our dogs are properly socialized, have a great ball drive, have a corageous spirit when encountered with agression, have a developed sense of smell as well as the appropriate bitting foundations. 


If these are the characteristics you like in your working dog, and would like to know more about Intrepid Mali´s availity, please fill and send us the following form.