Dogs for sale


We carefully select the best working lines that fit our training objectives to genetically designe the dogs we want for us and our clients. We pre-sell the litters when once they are confirmed and we deliver the pup once he is 8 weeks old. During this period they overgo our puppy training to develop their cognitive skills and enhance their capabilities once they get older. 

Green Dogs

Once our puppies are over the 16th week old, they begin our green dogs training Program. The objective is to prepare the dog to have the basic knowledge and capabilities to fully understand the working needs for which they are purchased for. We deliver a green dog between their eight and eigthteenth month, and only after they have succesfully passed our green dog test, and is ready for you to enjoy.  

Personalized dogs

Once the dog has all their basic training and has passed our green dog tests, they begin training towards specializing in one of the following areas:


- Sport Dog (IPO or French        Ring)

- Explosive detection.

- Narcotic Detection.

- Search and rescue. 

- Humanitarian Demining.

- Police Utility Dog

-Personal Protection

-Civil Intervention


 Once the dog is ready and conforms to your needs we are ready to deliver it. The age of delivery depends on the depth of knowledge and performance you require. we expect most of theese dogs to be ready between the eighteenth and thirtysixth  month.





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