Intrepid Mali is a family based breeding and training center specialized in the Belgium Sheperd Malinois breed. We have carefully studied and trained this breed of dogs, which has has led us to the opinion that it is the most suitable working dog for the different situations one may encounter. Either to become a sport, military, or police this breed has much to offer. Given the great qualities of the breed, we at Intrepid Mali follow a rigorous program to ensure we breed and train only the Best. We begin by a careful analysis of the blood line and its characteristics, understanding the genetics and the traits we want to encourage and separate from, allow us to choose which type of dog we want to work with. Genetics is an important percentage to ensure our intrepid mali's will be succesfull in whichever work they perform. With the genetic input carefully selected we already understand the flaws and strenght of every dog, and it is our job to provide them with the appropriate environment and training to make of that pup the greatest it can be. The second step is to provide them with the apropriate environment. This means having ready and available all their needs in order to grow strong and healthy. From the correct vaccines program to an early separation from their siblings, these and much more  are all key steps in the early development of the personality of the dog. Finally, our rigorous training program, carried out by profesional dog trainers and handlers who have been carefully selected and tought our own techniques. This trainig program begins by developing their basic and fundamental instincts from their earliest stage and follow to the most advanced techniques in each of the fields we want to specialize each dog.  Developing correctly these three principles of Genetics, environment and training allow us to guarantee that our intrepid dogs will be up to whichever task you may need them for.  





A journey that all began with the love for working dogs....

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